Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whispers...Poetry that breaks the silence

I'm a proud new Mommy again. No, not the flesh and blood kind of thing...but I swear some of these poems kind of feel that way to me!

I'm excited and apprehensive all at the same time. Excited to see my book published, apprehensive in thinking about how to promote it now that it is here. Neither of my poetry readings brought more than a few people together. I need to take time to plan something bigger...something that sounds like so much fun that no one will want to miss out on it!

I love to write poetry. It isn't easy, because I never know when the "muse" will strike. I can't sit down and plan a poem (okay, I guess I could, but that isn't the way I typically do things). I'm usually influenced by people, places, the Bible...most often by circumstances, I think.

I love to perform poetry! I'm very rusty in the performance department, but it is so much fun to work at how you want something to sound...what kinds of expressions you want to get across. Specific tone of voice at certain spots...I love it!!

So, what now? Well, I've been experimenting with sound on my webcam, so I think I will try to do a smattering of poems in a really rough, amateurish video. I will also try to put some of my poems on cd or mp3 format. Not sure how all of that will work yet...May and June have been so busy I feel like I just can't think...about all.

Whispers is currently available from Whiskey Creek Press in ebook format. In a few weeks, it will also be available in print paperback. The paperback thing was unexpected and delightful!

I'll post again soon!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Slacking off...who, me?

Okay, one thing that no one has ever said about me is that I am a slacker. Even when I'm supposedly relaxing and doing stuff that doesn't necessarily need to be done...I just can't "slack". I just can't. I keep trying, too.

I'll say, "Ha ha! I'm slacking off by going back to bed this morning!" But, I really do need the extra rest whenever I can get it, so it isn't REALLY slacking off.

Today was a total non-slacking off day, despite the muggy 90+ degrees we had to deal with. I actually got a shower in before 9am, ran some stuff to Rob at work (he left some work necessities at home), went to WalMart for some things that I really needed, landed in my usual seat at the Fiber Cafe, and then came home. Whew. I even got through the rest of another disc on the audiobook I'm listening to in the van.

So why was I talking about "slacking off"? I sat down at my computer and realized I hadn't blogged anything in a few days... I also realized that my email inbox was WAY too full of Whiskey Creek Press-related submissions and author concerns. So, before I blogged, I figured I'd better clean up my inbox. I've gotten it down to about 20 emails. Yay me!

Tomorrow is June 1st. I plan on reading through a good many of the submissions from early May, and hopefully find a few pearls.

Looking forward to my next poetry event in June at the Legacy at Willow Pond...mark your calendars! It really is a lot of fun. At least I think so...


Monday, May 23, 2011

A Relaxing Evening...

How do you relax? Well, for me there are a couple different things that come to mind with the word "relax".

1. Lean back, put feet up and close eyes.

2. Flip on the T.V., grab a bowl of something munchable, some yarn and a crochet hook and get sucked into whatever drama is playing out on the screen.

3. (okay, so more than a couple) Grab a book (or my Kindle), stretch out on my bed and get sucked into the drama playing out on the pages.

4. Put some shoes on, walk around the backyard smelling flowers and snapping hopeful shots with the camera.

5. Getting together with friends and just sitting and visiting (and sometimes crocheting!). Snacks help, but they aren't a "must".

Out of all of these, I like #5 the best. There is just something about being with other people. So many things you get to practice; things that get lost in the humdrum of family life (okay, family life is not ALWAYS humdrum...but there are moments of such grotesque familiarity that it nearly drives you mad with its monotony).

I love group dynamics. Re-learning social etiquette...listening...watching reactions.... That sort of thing. I think people should get together more often. It is too easy to get caught up in your own little cycle of family, work, sleep, family, work, sleep....

My goal this summer is to do MORE group related activities, or non-activities. Nothing wrong with sitting around a backyard sipping on some lemonade! We have a great Games Group that meets at our church every other Saturday (next one is THIS Saturday, May 28th) at 6:30pm. It's open to the community, so that is pretty cool. The kids and Rob just started going and I think they are going to keep it up. Have to double-check my schedule, but if I'm not working, I'll go.

Back to my "relaxing" evening...getting ready to watch Law and Order: Los Angeles. I've got my yarn and hook all ready to go!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mornings are Glorious..."CRASH" !!

In the fog of sleep, I heard the squeal of tires and the crunch that comes only from two metallic bodies colliding. My heart pounding, I opened my eyes to survey the damage...the ceiling fan looked just fine to me. The quiet breathing beside me told me that Rob was still sleeping. The sound of cars driving by through the open window gave me pause.

Where was the car accident? I never did find out. And even now, I almost doubt what I knew for a certainty then, that a crash woke me from sleep. 

I never did go back to sleep. I tried for a bit. But the slight breeze through the window, the sound of birds, people chatting on the sidewalk...all of these things brought me to a complete state of wakefulness. I got up, went downstairs, got the coffee started and looked out the window.

The sky is so blue today and the air is lovely. It actually feels like spring. Can it be that I've completely forgotten about the rain of the past week? It seemed like it would never end...but it has. For now. I'm hoping we can get the family out and about a bit before I have to go sit at the desk in the Senior home where I work part time. I would much rather visit some parks or the closing weekend extravaganza that is the Rochester Lilac Festival, but no. There are calls to make, papers to file and darling people to visit with. Perhaps tonight will be mild enough for a walk when I get home...

I promise to try to find some sort of topic for the next posting... Reading back through this, I'm amazed at how scatterbrained I am. A perfect candidate for mental problems later in life. Focus, Mel! Focus.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 2...

It's Friday! At least it was when I woke up. We'll see what happens over the course of the day. I suspect Saturday will sneak in at some point.

Friday's are kind of nice and laid back...for me anyway. I drive out to a knit/crochet group and just sit and listen/chat with the other people whose fingers are dancing all over little coils of yarn. It is amazing to see what people can do with their fingers. And it very often seems such mindless/thought-free work. I just finished a newly styled Kindle Carrier. I have to work up a few more to see if they will sell at the different craft shows I will be partaking in this year.

I learned how to make a crocheted i-cord. It is a great, sturdy handle! Took me FOREVER to figure out how to attach it...ended up using a needle and thread. Only stuck myself like 5 times. There was NO blood on the yarn...actually, no blood at all. But my fingertip is a bit sore this morning. Anyway...the carrier seems to work. You can see the Kindle poking out of the top. Oh, and I do take! You can email me at if you'd like one of these carriers. If I plug away, I can get one done in 2 days.

Well...I guess that's it for this posting. I have new ideas. Ideas that need trying out. Before they try my patience. Although, patience is a fickle creature. Especially when it comes to least MY crochet...


The Beginning...gotta start somewhere!

Okay, so welcome to The Craziness of Mel. I've never blogged before. I have read a few blogs; I've befriended many bloggers; it only follows that I should start one of my own. Have to start somewhere.

This is my trial run...the first of many. Hopefully the most scatterbrained of the bunch...but time will tell. Or maybe not. Depends on if you're listening, I suppose. Time is what you make of it. If you are inclined to be crafty. Like with scissors...a little glue...gotta have the glitter.

And begins.